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China e-bike Export Analysis Report in 2011

The development of electric vehicle industry has been changing with each passing day over decades. Governments, academic circles and industrial circles of variouscountries in the world have all increased investments in electric vehicle development

The development of electric vehicle industry has been changing with each passing
day over decades. Governments, academic circles and industrial circles of various
countries in the world have all increased investments in electric vehicle development
and accelerated the pace of commercialization of electric vehicles, bringing about
a sound prospect for new-type electric vehicles. Electric vehicle once sank into
the bottleneck in energy technology and mileage and came into a standstill. After
continuous improvement, it has become a hot spot of technical development and
selected as an energy saving green transport tool by numerous families in the new
era relying on the advantages of low price, energy saving and low-carbon, etc.

Chinese total export amount of electric bicycle presented a declining trend in January-December 2011. From January to June(except February), Chinese electric bicycle export amount dropped
month by month with the average monthly export amount being about USD40 million, which reached the lowest in February due to the impact of New Year Holiday. After July, the export amount still presented a declining trend and reached the lowest level of about USD25 million in October.
In 2011, export volume to Europe shrank due to the impact of Euro Crisis and unstable global economy, but the impact on Germany was little as it has a solid manufacturing foundation. In 2011, Germany’s actual export volume from China increased somewhat over 2010. In Asian market, .Japan major export market for Chinese electric bicycles but the export volume to Japan fluctuated slightly due to adverse factors of earthquake and tsunami. In 2011, the export volume to Japan dropped slightly year on year, but Japanese enterprises with advanced technology in electric vehicle field have laid a solid market foundation in Japan. Japanese consumers favor electric bicycles more than European and American consumers do, so the Japanese market has bright prospects if Chinese enterprises can overcome the strict technology requirement of Japan. Brazil and India are large markets with the greatest growth potential among developing countries and the two countries have some resemblance to Chinese market: firstly, the traffic problem of
numerous medium and low income earners should be solved; second, heavy environmental pressure. Policies conducive to the development of electric vehicle industry have been introduced from the state level, so the consumer market is likely to grow rapidly in the future.

From January to December 2011, export of electric bicycles basically presented a declining trend, and the export situation was relatively stable from January to April except for February. From May, the amount began to fall and rose slightly until August. However, the export amount fell into the bottom again in October and rose slightly at the yearend.

Holland 14.4% Belgium 5.3% Brazil 2.7%
Germany 12.7% Italy 4.5% Jordan 2.6%
USA 10.6% Japan 4.4% Others 31.8%
Bangladesh 7.7% UK 3.1%

1 HOLLAND 103926.00 57719491.00
2 GERMANY 132179.00 51059602.00
3 USA 435555.00 42671952.00
4 BENGAL 28788.00 31040384.00
5 BELGIUM 49977.00 21299166.00
6 ITALY 46572.00 17955910.00
7 JAPAN 63454.00 17813067.00
8 UK 69060.00 12349416.00
9 BRAZIL 34838.00 10991137.00
10 JORDAN 11953.00 10379988.00
11 FRANCE 26954.00 8928193.00
12 CANADA 28077.00 8594318.00
13 TURKEY 19235.00 7243254.00
14 SPAIN 17532.00 6972474.00
15 VIETNAM 24037,00 6379378.00
16 INDIA 22167.00 5610742.00
17 SWISS 9924.00 5609888.00
18 AUSTRALIA 24570.00 5455904.00
19 DENMARK 12009.00 4965987.00
20 BURMA 13013.00 4912406.00
From January to December 2011, China exported the most electric vehicles to Germany, about 140,000 units (quantity statistics), followed by Holland. Owing to a large export volume of electric scooters including Feishen, Yeying and Jiancheng, the export volume of electric vehicles to the
United States soared to 450,000 units. Irrespective of about 410,000 electric scooters, the United Stated exported about 42,000 electric vehicles from China in 2011.

2011 2010
County Volume(ST) Amount(USD) Volume(ST) Amount(USD)
Turkey 19235.00 7243254.00 77570.00 21768610.00
Sweden 11634.00 3494476.00 11896.00 5069167.00
Syria 8361.00 2695142.00 13103,00 3558488.00
Korea 8117.00 2590785.00 10102.00 3276905.00
UAE 23480.00 1990988.00 25644.00 1665002.00
In 2011, the top five countries to which China’s export amount of electric vehicles dropped were respectively Turkey,Sweden, Syria, South Korea and UAE, among which the export volume of electric vehicles to Turkey dropped by 70%; export volume to Sweden fell slightly but the total amount dropped,indicating that the average price of electric vehicles to Sweden dropped sharply.

Top Ten Export Customs Areas in Jan.-Dec. 2011
No. Customs Area Volume(ST) Amount(USD) Average Price(USD)
1 Ningbo 762416 12,315,554,412 161.53
2 Sgabggau 349383 10,670,395,644 305.41
3 Taicang 56661 3,631,043,559 640.84
4 Tianjin 76815 3,061,398,250 398.54
5 Dongguan 54509 2,334,554,200 428.29
6 Hangpu 27023 2,109,938,006 780.79
7 Shenzhen 23150 1,014,785,770 438.35
8 Qingdao 10561 664,315,586 629.03
9 Yantian 18045 624,368,076 346.01
10 Ruili 11069 504,792,640 456.04
Total: 1389632 36,931,146,143 256.76
During January to December 2011, there were a total of 16 customs areas for China’s electric bicycle export and the top ten export customs areas include Shanghai, Ningbo, Taicang, Tianjin, Dongguan, Huangpu, Shenzhen and Qingdao. The export amount at Ruili rose greatly while the export amount at Nanjing Customs area dropped sharply. Ningbo and Shanghai still saw the most exports.

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