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    Electric Folding bikes Description

What is an electric folding bike?

electric folding bike or foldable electric bike is a folding bike with battery and motor equipped. Usually it is lithium battery and electric hub motor. Lets see how is a folding bike firstly. A folding bike is a bicycle designed to fold into a compact form, for convenient carrying and storage. When folded, the bike can be more eaier to carry into buildings, workplaces or on public transportation, easy for mix-mode commuting and bike commuting. And a folding bike is more easy to store in compact rooms or put in car trunk.

Folding bike usually can be folded in 3 positions.

      1. Bike frame: quick release always located in the middle part of frame, on primary frame tube.

      2. Handle stem: with foldable quick release

      3. Pedal: usually with foldable pedal.

How to choose a folding bike or electric folding bike?

 By wheel/rim size.

Mainstream folding bikes usually match 16inch or 20inch wheels(others with 12inch,14inch or 18inch wheels). And there are some mountain bike can also be with a foldable frame in 26inch wheel size. Generally speaking, the volume is smaller to 16inch and below folded, easy to store and carry, more suitable for short-distance riding. If you often have to ride far away, it is necessary to considerate 20inch size, not only riding more comfortable than 16inch, but also more stronger frame and riding more faster.

 By frame material

Mainly in steel or aluminum alloy material, and some in magnesium alloy, even some high-end folding bike use carbon fiber materials. If you need to lift folding bike up and down stairs, suggest to choose aluminum alloy material frame folding bike. Consideration on the weight and strength of the frame. and no need to worry about rust.

What kinds of electric folding bike available in our company?

We have 3 types of electric folding bikes, distinguished by different lithium battery location.

Battery in the middle of bike frame;

Battery in bike rear rack;

Battery hidden in bike frame.

You can find our electric folding bike models in product category.

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Product Model: 20inch folding electric bike FR-TDN02Z
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